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Customer Reviews

  • Allan Carvalho

    I was first sceptical about the whole service, but the (kruti) staff is phenomenal and worth the praise. They transferred to Beneficiary in 24 hours. Hats off just na timely updates in the app but the manual process needs to change
  • Rohith Pulipaka

    It was a great experience with Moneyhop And a special mention Geet Charan ji who has helped me a lot throughout the process and was very much humble and always clarified me with all my doubts , also thanks to Urmila ji for making this process very much smooth
  • anindita mishra

    I sent some money to my husband in India with Hop and had a very pleasant experience. The team was extremely helpful and assisted me with all my queries. The process was simple and straightforward once I understood it. The rate they give is also better than other platforms. Keep up the good work!
  • Ajit Bhingarkar

    I had the best of experience remitting money to my daughter in the US using money HOP. Their rates are best, the process is simple and service is excellent! Recommend strongly...
  • harshada pinto

    One of the best money transfer agency. I am very happy with Money Hop. Especially with Rohan Singh. He is spontaneous and supportive. He will reply to messages almost instantly and rectify even smallest errors that can cancel the transaction.
  • suchitra Rawat

    Team moneyHOP..... ..The staff is very nice The only instant currency exchange place in Dehradun Very good service and. Amrita manwal is so polied with coustomers. Thank for good service..
  • Jessica Poharkar

    I tried MoneyHOP for the first time. I was a bit unsure because I had not heard of it before. The executive helped me with all the steps and was easily reachable. They give the best rates available in the market, no hidden costs and I also got a coupon code as a first time user. Recommended.
  • Supriya Chawla

    Absolutely loved the hassle-free transfer and service provided by Moneyhop. Thank you, Rohan, for sitting with me in the night and accommodating my urgent requirement to ensure that everything was smooth. I will definitely use Moneyhop again!

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